Grouping data by categoryΒΆ

When plotting, its useful to have a way to color points by some category or variable. Hypertools does this using the hue kwarg, which takes a list of string category labels or numerical values. If text labels are passed, the data is restructured according to those labels and plotted in different colors according to your color palette. If numerical values are passed, the values are binned (default resolution: 100) and plotted according to your color palette.

# Code source: Andrew Heusser
# License: MIT

# import
import hypertools as hyp
import numpy as np

# load example data
geo = hyp.load('weights_sample')
data = geo.get_data()

# simulate random groups
for idx,i in enumerate(data):
    for iidx,ii in enumerate(i):
            tmp.append(int(np.random.randint(1000, size=1)))

# plot
geo.plot(fmt='.', hue=hue)

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