HyperTools: A python toolbox for gaining geometric insights into high-dimensional dataΒΆ

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HyperTools is a library for visualizing and manipulating high-dimensional data in Python. It is built on top of matplotlib (for plotting), seaborn (for plot styling), and scikit-learn (for data manipulation). For sample Jupyter notebooks, click here and to read the paper, click here.

Some key features of HyperTools are:

  1. Functions for plotting high-dimensional datasets in 2/3D

  2. Static and animated plots

  3. Simple API for customizing plot styles

  4. Set of powerful data manipulation tools including hyperalignment, k-means clustering, normalizing and more

  5. Support for lists of Numpy arrays, Pandas dataframes, text or (mixed) lists

  6. Applying topic models and other text vectorization methods to text data