API reference


hypertools.plot(x, *args, **kwargs) Plots dimensionality reduced data and parses plot arguments


hypertools.tools.align(data[, method]) Aligns a list of arrays
hypertools.tools.reduce(x[, ndims, method, …]) Reduces dimensionality of an array, or list of arrays
hypertools.tools.cluster(x[, n_clusters, ndims]) Performs k-means clustering and returns a list of cluster labels
hypertools.tools.normalize(x[, normalize, …]) Z-transform the columns or rows of an array, or list of arrays
hypertools.tools.describe_pca(x[, show]) Create plot describing covariance with as a function of number of dimensions
hypertools.tools.procrustes(source, target) Function to project from one space to another using Procrustean transformation (shift + scaling + rotation + reflection).
hypertools.tools.missing_inds(x) Returns indices of missing data
hypertools.tools.load(dataset) Load example data